Near Death / Boston Center for the Arts

Date: December 22, 2016 Category: ,

Guest Web Curator | Near Death Performance Art Experience, Boston Center for the Arts | April 2013
Curated an internet art series in conjunction with the day long performance art exhibition. Conducted interviews with guest artists and assisted in documentation efforts. Promoted the exhibitions Kickstarter ($3k secured goal), managed Facebook and Tumblr accounts. Artists included VestAndPage, Jamie McMurray, Marilyn Arsem, Travis McCoy Fuller, and Faith Johnson. Sandrine Schaefer of The Present Tense wrote the following about the exhibition:

As performance art moves into a phase where it faces the same commodification, professionalization, and institutionalism that other art mediums have endured, artists and organizers are challenged with how to maintain the authenticity of the medium and it’s history. Within this medium, where artists call upon their physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual endurance to challenge the parameters of real time, it is impossible to remove mortality from performance-based work. As artists connected by this medium watch one another’s practices evolve and mature, they are simultaneously watching each other age. They witness their bodies change, ideas develop, and they can see their impact on each-other and the future generations of performance artists with whom they are connected.

Photos by Daniel S. DeLuca