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Curator | Amalgamate | Mobius, Boston | 2012
Amalgamate was the featured art exhibition for the 2012 Together Festival. Below are details about the work that was exhibited.

Multi-media artist Joey Asal will build a floor to ceiling sculpture made from plexi-glass and paper. Using light, shadow and sound, his sculptures fluctuate in terms of aesthetic based on viewer interaction. In a recent exhibition in conjunction with DeCordova, the museum described his work as “striving to embrace the complexity of sensory experience, while embracing a collective consideration for space and density.”

Derek Hoffend, who creates works that merge sculptural forms with interactive experiences, will showcase Sonotron. At 13 feet in all directions,Sonotron is a large, spherical shaped meditation concave built from steel. With incorporating speakers and amplification gear, viewers will be asked to lay within the sculpture and feel waves of sound vibrations, in a piece that questions the bodies relationship to atomic energy.

Collaborative sculptural and video works by Egan Budd, Deftly-D, and Romesh McCullough (existence establishment) add a darker element to the showcase. In an interactive electronic music composition, the team constructed a chess board, in which participants will compose a unique score in real time as they play the game. The piece, entitled Conflict of the Ages is a homage to John Cage’s Renunion,which focused the idea of the composition bringing together many sounds, like a coming together of people.

Rounding out the exhibition, in an unknown and unnamed location in Central Square, performance collective JV: Jeff Huckelberry and Vela Phelan, will present a new, two hour piece called CamoLand. Acting out on what they call ‘surreal intuition’, the duo uses a series predetermined objects to channel their communal thoughts, offering an “unpredictable and destabilizing encounter” (Paul Couillard).