A Song for Echo

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Curator & Producer | A Song for Echo | 2013
A Song for Echo was a collaborative project by artist Julie Nymann and musician Ricardo Donoso, made specifically for the Boston Museum of Science Charles Hayden Planetarium. The exhibition was a fully immersive experience, built for projection on the Museum’s 57-foot dome. It was created to be a premiere art/technology feature of Boston’s once yearly Together Festival for Music, Art & Technology. The work was critically well received, and was highlighted in national publications such as Hyperallergic and Dazed Digital. In 2014, Donoso turned his original score into a studio album. Philip Sherburne of Pitchfork wrote the following about the score:

“The album opens with resonant drones reminiscent of Seefeel’s Succour; bells and plucked-metal synthesizers chime against a backdrop that might be airplanes buzzing high overhead. A thudding pulse lends a hint of dub techno; midrange arpeggios, echoing Monolake’s carefully sculpted arrangements, flash like goldfish darting through muddy ponds. It’s occasionally reminiscent of Vladislav Delay’s early, abstracted work; the massing drones and bowed bass and scraping sheets of metal also suggest the Haxan Cloak’s waxy horror. As the album proceeds, it builds into something almost overpowering—an enormous basso throb accompanied by the grating sound of knives being sharpened, metal gates swinging back and forth in the wind; swollen reverb sings the wind-tunnel blues. And then, like a storm passing overhead, it all fades to silence.”