A New Cosmic Mix / Charles Hayden Planetarium

Date: December 23, 2016 Category: ,

Producer | A New Cosmic Mix: Now in 5D | Boston Museum of Science | 2013
Worked with curator Maggie Cavallo to lead a team of artists and technical staff to produce the large scale film screening made specifically for the Charles Hayden Planetarium. Worked with the Museum’s Systems Coordinator and Public Programs Director for 18-months, through filming, post-production, promotion, and ticketing. Artists included Vela Phelan, D’hana Perry, BATHAUS, and Bobby Andres. The exhibitions press release is below:

When the late Mexican philosopher José Vasconcelos theorized in 1929 that the world would one day consist of a “fifth race”—La Raza Cósmica—what he meant was that the human spirt could transcend past notions of segregated race and nationality. The collective spirit, bridged together by love and a universal harmony, was enough to blend all bloodlines and launch humanity into a future civilization.

With 80-years past, the present landscape isn’t too far off in ideology from his theories. Technology alone has brought the world from isolated land masses to streams of constant human consciousness, with communication and global connectivity at our fingertips. Together’s Art Board member and experimental curator, Maggie Cavallo, became inspired by these notions when researching audio/visual works of appropriation. The work of four Boston and New York-based artists—Vela Phelan, D’hana Perry, BATHAUS, and Bobby Andres—contextualize the “remix”: using found footage, sampled sounds and chopped editing to sculpt new works, fusing recycled content with the artists’ own originality and self-identity. Looking towards the cosmos, or the 5th dimension, Cavallo created A New Cosmix Mix: Now in 5D! to be presented at Boston’s Museum of Science Charles Hayden Planetarium, kicking off Together on Sunday, May 12th.

“This event will highlight the cosmic exchange common in our community that takes places between live artists,” explains Cavallo. “This exchange disregards the pedantic nature of traditional learning and instead often takes place in nightclubs and alternative gallery spaces, offering the audience a temporary, yet transcendental experience through art, sound and new technologies.”

Two 90-minute performances will feature extended solo-showcases, book-ended by mash-up’s of new sounds and visual content created by the artists working organically in-collaboration. The ability for four socially and culturally diverse artists to mingle and match reflects a lot of what Vasconcelos had outlined: our thought place in the known universe may be uprooted once we understand what it feels like to exist in unison, and finding the inspiration to share this knowledge with others is all that separates us from existing wholly together.